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Friday Factoid: Studying Law, Media, and Journalism at Yale Law

The Knight Law and Media Program focuses on the intersection of law, media, and journalism at Yale Law School. Geared toward students who plan to be journalists, advocates for journalists, or policy makers in the media industry, the program includes such courses as “Communications Law,” “Introduction to Intellectual Property,” “Internet Privacy,” and “The Law of … Read More →

The “Anti-Social” Life: Get a Glimpse of Student Life at NYU Law

Law school students have a reputation for burying their heads in their books, so we offer this weekly series, “The ‘Anti-Social’ Life,” to illustrate that law school students can enjoy a life of leisure as well. Life at NYU Law, the New York University (NYU) School of Law’s official student blog, is a great way … Read More →

JD News: One Harvard Law School Professor’s White House Dream

The race to become the next president of the United States is officially on, and one man is considering leaving a prestigious institution behind to fulfill his White House dream: Harvard Law School (HLS) professor Lawrence Lessig. Although Lessig would not be the first HLS professor to enter politics—Senator Elizabeth Warren, for example, was a professor … Read More →

Friday Factoid: Taking Classes Across the Midway at Chicago Law

University of Chicago Law School students who are interested in learning about subjects other than the law can take classes in other departments at the university. Through what the school calls “taking classes across the Midway,” JD students are eligible to earn up to 12 credits toward the 105 required for graduation by taking courses … Read More →